Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zoe Jay

I am Scottish, and I now live in Los Angeles. Back in the UK I used to be a lawyer, and I moved here in 2007 to open and run a music studio, which I am still doing. I've been modelling for nine years. I'm married, no kids, and own three dogs. I'm really into music, martial arts, cars, and having good times! I grew up in the country riding, sailing and shooting, and I still love the outdoors.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sapphire Storm

Started modelling Jan 2010, now internationally published and agency signed
Artistic nude/beauty/fashion model/Life-art model/Latex model/Music Video model
I have travelled to France, Spain and Ireland and all over UK.
I’m petite but beautifully proportioned, My boobies are all natural. I’m an unusual mix; oriental/black/white. I’m versatile like a chameleon, can do edgy, quirky, sweet or just plain pretty girl next door. My goal is to become a cover model...I have over 9600 fans on FaceBook alone
I’m a BIZARRE Ultravixen
I enter a lot of competitions. I’m very ‘’fan-friendly’’. I’m on every model networking site worth being on. No tattoos just 9 piercings! I’m always changing the colour in my hair, my hair is naturally curly

Monday, June 24, 2013


My name is Danielle. I am 30 years old and I am a positive and energetic person that has a great personality. I am a proud single mother to a little boy that is two years old, that means the world to me. I am a big family oriented type of gal. My family means everything to me.
I have been modeling for over a year now and hope to be doing it for more years to come. I have met some great people so far and it has been and honor to work with each and every one of them. I know I can be an asset to photographers that are looking for a little bit of style in everything. I can pull off almost any look and love doing it.
I think I can (and do) create a healthy, friendly, professional, remembering image when I communicate or work with others. I can fit right into any situation. I am comfortable with others and I make them feel comfortable as well. I love to help others! I can handle and perform every task given to me to the fullest of my capabilities. I am always looking and pushing for bigger and better things. I can do whatever I put my mind to.
* I am THE determined, dependable, dedicated Danielle* 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Kimberly Kourture

  • Kimberly Kourture was born an Aries on April.18th,1986 from Boston,Massachusetts. The youngest sibling 
  • of her and her brother. Very family orientated from a big family on both her parents sides. Including two 
  • children of her own boy and girl,her son has autism. Her nationalities from Italian, French 
  • Canadian,Scottish,English,Indian decent. She's a certified and licensed cosmetologist and she loves what she 
  • does. She started modeling in 2010 just for fun and wants it to turn into a career. A semi finalist for Playboy 
  • Miss Social August 2011. Has big dreams of being a well known model on the Internet and to be featuredin 
  • several magazines and print. Kimberly Kourture is a fun,loving,caring person and when she sets her mind out 
  • to do something she is determined to get it and won't let anyone step in her way.  


Sunday, May 5, 2013


My name is Gloria I'm 21 years old and I'm an aspiring model. I love to do all types of modeling work from fashion, lingerie, swimsuits, bodypaint, to glamour nudes. I'm very sweet but I also can be opinionated. I'm very passionate about doing photovshoots and someday I hope to make this into a career and get into playboy, penthouse, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and many more. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you take the time to check out my page and thanks 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


HI I'm Jasmine, 29 from near Pittsburgh PA, I've been modeling for 6 years off and on but over the last yearthings have been really booming and looking up and I'm lovin every minute of it:) I like to spend most of my time out having fun, I love the outdoors and the country, road trips, shopping, hunting...yes I said I love to hunt;) mudding and big trucks and jeeps;) when you first meet me I am super shy, but once I break out of that shell I'm a bit bubbly, often am called a "black blonde" by friends, silly, goofy and just love to have fun, good-times and keep smiling. I adore my family and close friends. They are some of the most caring, and kind hearted people I know. They have always been supportive in all that I do. I love them with all my heart, they are my motivation:) So, don't ever give up on your hopes and dreams, I almost did a year ago because I was getting nowhere and my dream of modeling was causing me to go near broke! But lately, Agencies and photographers have been reaching out to me YAY! so I must be getting better and doing something right! lol but this goes to show that I am proof that, if you work hard and are determined and have an awesome support system you can achieve any goal or dream you set for yourself.....I did;).~Jasmine Nicole

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ana Delima

Hi I'm Ana, 46 yrs young  been modeling for a little over 2 yrs. now and asolutely love it! I've made some amazing contacts and friendships along the way who I will stay in touch with for a long time to come. I'm a huge animal lover, bubbly but I can also be shy, very social, outgoing honest, and blunt person. I adore my family and close friends. They are some of the most caring, and kind hearted people I know. They are always supportive in all that I do. I love them with all my heart, they are my motivation....don't ever give up on your hopes and dreams, I am living proof that if you work hard and are determined and have an awesome support group you can achieve your hopes and dreams! Reach for the stars!!!