Kimberly Kourture

  • Kimberly Kourture was born an Aries on April.18th,1986 from Boston,Massachusetts. The youngest sibling 
  • of her and her brother. Very family orientated from a big family on both her parents sides. Including two 
  • children of her own boy and girl,her son has autism. Her nationalities from Italian, French 
  • Canadian,Scottish,English,Indian decent. She's a certified and licensed cosmetologist and she loves what she 
  • does. She started modeling in 2010 just for fun and wants it to turn into a career. A semi finalist for Playboy 
  • Miss Social August 2011. Has big dreams of being a well known model on the Internet and to be featuredin 
  • several magazines and print. Kimberly Kourture is a fun,loving,caring person and when she sets her mind out 
  • to do something she is determined to get it and won't let anyone step in her way.  



  1. Saya suka lihatin bodi kamu ,dan mau juga ngentot sama kamu ,apalkah kamu mahu ?


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