Kay T. Jewels

Kay Titanium Jewels is a full time undergraduate student studying for her Bachelors of Arts in Advanced Study Psychology. Ms. Jewels is recognized by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars for her dedication to academic achievements, scholarship, leadership, and service. With hopes of being a NeuroPsychologist, Ms. Jewels. In 2010, Ms. Jewels began her interesting reentry into the art community and took up fine arts modeling. Working with many great local professionals from the Boston Photography Center, Photography X, Randy Anagnostis, Lou Jones and David Salo, to Unique Nudes in California, Ms. Jewels have successfully established a professional standing, as well as a social following that collectively amounts to over 450,000 followers. Ms. Jewels creates the content and also manages several of her own websites, and multiple other social media pages to actively engage her audience. While actively pursuing higher education, Ms. Jewels uses her art and writings to reach out to individuals and now utilizes this social network to gather contributions for charity.


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