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Name: Claudia Rivarelli
Nationality: Uruguayan- Brasilian
Date of Birth: 03/09/1985
Place of Birth: Montevideo, Uruguay
Height: 5´5 - 165cm
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
(US) 38-26-38
(EU) 91-25-91

My name is Claudia Rivarelli and I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay South America. From the age of 6, I started skating because I had a problem in my legs. Thanks to this sport, my legs are fantastic today. When I was 16, I started as a fashion designer and this is actually one of my current professions. I have always been athletic and have liked sports, fitness, and martial arts or kick boxing.
I studied at my local University in Communications for 3 years. I also took 2 years of graphic design at Bios University. I got into female modeling at the age 18. I was a runway model. I really didn't like the slim body I had then and wanted to change to a more muscular physique. I'm currently a fitness model and do most of my photo shoots in Brazil, Canada, and U.S.A. I have appeared in many magazines, catalogs, TV programs, and web site features.