HI I'm Jasmine, 29 from near Pittsburgh PA, I've been modeling for 6 years off and on but over the last yearthings have been really booming and looking up and I'm lovin every minute of it:) I like to spend most of my time out having fun, I love the outdoors and the country, road trips, shopping, hunting...yes I said I love to hunt;) mudding and big trucks and jeeps;) when you first meet me I am super shy, but once I break out of that shell I'm a bit bubbly, often am called a "black blonde" by friends, silly, goofy and just love to have fun, good-times and keep smiling. I adore my family and close friends. They are some of the most caring, and kind hearted people I know. They have always been supportive in all that I do. I love them with all my heart, they are my motivation:) So, don't ever give up on your hopes and dreams, I almost did a year ago because I was getting nowhere and my dream of modeling was causing me to go near broke! But lately, Agencies and photographers have been reaching out to me YAY! so I must be getting better and doing something right! lol but this goes to show that I am proof that, if you work hard and are determined and have an awesome support system you can achieve any goal or dream you set for yourself.....I did;).~Jasmine Nicole


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